Accessible, Affordable, Superfast Broadband
Serving Heriot in the Scottish Borders and neighbouring rural communities
View from Garvald looking towards Heriot Junction B709/B7007 Ladyside, Raeshaw, Corsehope
Heriot Community Broadband
A Community Interest Company CIC
Providing a Low Cost Superfast Broadband Service to Heriot and surrounding communities
 £30.00 a month inc. VAT 
 200 GB data
Speeds of 30 Mbps  

What Areas
does HCB
Using Wireless Technology Heriot Community Broadband provides an Accessible, Affordable Superfast Broadband connection, for residents in Heriot and it's surrounding Communities. With speeds from 30 Mbps.

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Currently Serving: Heriot Village, Heriot Station, Shoestanes, Nettlingflat, Brothershiels, Tynehead, Cowbraehill, Netherbrotherstone, Gilston,  Crookston, Haltree, Corsehope, Borthwick Hall, Blackhope, Garvald, Dewar, Carcant, Raeshaw, Overshiels, Nethershiels, Burnhouse, Middletoun, Innerleithen Valley, Leithen Water, Fallago Rig Windfarm, Burncastle, Cranshaws, Temple, Gladhouse, Moorfoot, Oxton and soon to be available in the Langshaw area.

About Us

Established in 2013 as a community owned non profit making company. We aim to provide a Superfast Broadband Network to everyone within the Heriot area of the Scottish Borders and it's immediate environs. Financed through Grants from Local Windfarms, Private Estates and Subscriptions to the service.

Working in conjuction with Edinburgh University and
HUBS a wireless network link has been established using masts and radio antennae. These work on a Line-of-Sight signal originating from Easter Bush on the outskirts of Edinburgh and Summerhall at Edinburgh University linking to masts around the Heriot hills. These masts have been erected at Nettlingflat, Clints Hill, Corsehope, Blackhope, Dewar, Raeshaw, Hangingshaw, Haltree, Middletoun and Cowbraehill connecting even the most remote properties. Funding is continuously being sought to further develop the network to beyond Heriot. Additionally private estates have contributed to the building of new masts such as one on Windlestraw which connects remote properties down the Heriot to Innerleithen road.  A new relay to connect Temple, Gladhouse, Moorfoot and Middleton areas has recently been brought into operation.  If you are interested in getting connected, then please contact us.

Meet the Team
There are five directors four of whom are local residents and voluntarily give their time and expertise to develop the broadband network. There is also an administrator funded by a local commercial organisation. Outside contractors are brought in for their expertise to erect the masts and install the broadband service to properties. Whenever possible we endeavour to employ local people and companies to carry out these works.
  1. John Williams
    John Williams Chairman
  2. Frank Connelly
    Frank Connelly Director
  3. Julia Murray
    Julia Murray Director
  4. Susie Clark
    Susie Clark Administrator
  5. Gordon Hughes 
    Gordon Hughes Director